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Latest issue of Education Technology Magazine out now! Education Technology Solutions (ETS) magazine is Australia’s leading education technology publication. This is the official Education Technology Solutions magazine website and it features a selection of articles from the current and previous issues of the print magazine, along with some ‘web-only’ content. We trust that you will find this site a […]

Hacking Student Passions Through Genius Hour


By Anthony Speranza. Genius Hour is a movement picking up traction globally – an opportunity where students given true autonomy explore their own passions and exercise creativity in the classroom. It allows pure voice and choice in what students learn during a set period of time during school. Genius Hour is student-driven, passion-based inquiry at […]



By Brett Salakas. Earlier this month I had a wonderful conversation with Dr Mark Weston @shiftparadigm and Nick Brierley @mythsysizer as part of the new podcast – aussieEDcast that we are developing. Those of you who are active on twitter would no doubt be aware of Mark –aka. Shiftparadigm. Put simply he is one of […]

8 Steps To Improving Learning And Teaching Through Education Technology Research


By Dr Shelley Kinash. One of the key differentiating characteristics of quality schools and universities is their distinctive value proposition in the area of learning and teaching. Quality schools and universities strive to make an outstanding contribution to student learning, engagement, and the overall student experience. As leaders in learning and teaching, teachers have an […]



True zero-touch iPad and Mac deployment is no longer a dream – it’s a reality that CompNow can deliver. As the first reseller in Australia to offer Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP), we are thrilled to be able to provide an insight into what the program can mean to your organisation.. Are you involved with deploying technology at […]

Why Leveraging Analytics Will Drive Personalised Learning And Improve Outcomes


It is no secret that educational institutions generate huge amounts of data around learning and outcomes. It is also no secret that many schools feel overwhelmed by the volume of data, and feel ill-equipped with the time and or tools to properly analyse the data and leverage it in any useful or meaningful way. If […]

Computer Coding In The Classroom: An Important Step For Australia’s Future


By Ed Airey. Educational institutions and businesses play a significant role in shaping the future generation of IT professionals. This is even more apparent as they will be the most digitally literate workforce that we will see in our lifetime, and especially true when we examine the local market for application development and demand for […]

Introducing the Philips DVT600


Gone are the days where the skill of taking notes by shorthand are the standard for capturing rapid fire content – and those who can still do it are probably just about as rare as the egyptologists who interpret hieroglyphics. But in todays educational environments, does this mean we need to learn how to write […]

Be Inspired: Become A Lifelong Learner!


By Bev Novak. Stop for a moment and think: What is the best professional learning program you have ever experienced? Was it one of the weekly school staff meetings? Perhaps it was a curriculum day session or a conference you attended at the end of the year? Was it a session you were required to […]

Another Big Award Win for Revolutionary SMART kapp


Digital Capture Board Wins Best in Show at ISE 2015 – Europe’s Largest AV show. SMART Technologies Inc announces that its innovative SMART kapp™ digital capture board has won another prestigious award. At ISE 2015, SMART kapp was named Best of Show by Tech and Learning UK. Judges said “SMART kapp uses a blend of technologies to make […]

The Importance Of Creativity In Education Technology


By Dr Tim Kitchen. In the past I recently asked my 94-year-old grandmother what school was like for her in the 1920s and 1930s. She reflected that what she learned at school was to be quiet (unless asked to speak), to do what she was told, and always stay between the lines when writing on […]


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