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Latest issue of Education Technology Magazine out now! Education Technology Solutions (ETS) magazine is Australia’s leading education technology publication. This is the official Education Technology Solutions magazine website and it features a selection of articles from the current and previous issues of the print magazine, along with some ‘web-only’ content. We trust that you will find this site a […]

WANTED: Who Might Be The Australian Equivalent Of Super-Awesome Sylvia?


By Dr Jane Hunter. Inspiration As I left Brisbane after attending EduTECH 2015, I reflected on a tweet posted by Leanne Cameron from the ICT Educators of New South Wales (ICTENSW) – she called for Australia to find its own Super-Awesome Sylvia out in schools; or, as I am going to call her, Australia’s own […]

Digital Learners – Achieving Through Technology


By Zeina Chalich. Advances in technology have led to changes in the way people communicate, create, collaborate, solve problems and consume content. The increasing prevalence of technology has disrupted the way they work, play and learn. The world is becoming increasingly connected and interdependent with an endless supply of information accessible at any time of […]

My Year Online


By Mike Shepard. In autumn 2014, I began an online investigation regarding the educational use of two apps, Snapchat and Instagram. Twitter and Facebook are nearly dead to the 12–14 year old students that I teach, so a replacement needed to be found. Through casual conversation, most students admitted to having a Facebook account only […]

Optimising Education Administration


By Scott Patterson. Imagine a school in which technology enabled far greater efficiencies every day and administration errors were practically a thing of the past. Now picture your school as a place where parents and students alike wanted so badly to be a part of your community from the moment they first interacted with your […]

Schools: Invent The Next Era Of Education


By Tom March. Many in society have personally experienced the power of technology to enrich their learning. Such things as social media, on-demand audio-video streams and an unlimited array of newspapers, magazines and special-interest communities make this the best time for accessing learning opportunities that humanity has ever known. So those less familiar with schools […]

Perfecting Blended Learning: Why Video Is The Future Of The Classroom


By Poppy Simpson. The impact and value of video in blended learning represents an ongoing field of research. Recent surveys, empirical studies and industry reports overwhelmingly agree that video in education, when used correctly, can significantly boost student engagement, enjoyment and learning outcomes. Research by Cruse (2014) has identified several benefits to teaching and learning: […]

The Next Hurdles to Overcome in Flipping Your Class


By Jon Bergmann.                   I have been leading flipped class workshops for many years and as I have worked with thousands of teachers, I have identified several hurdles that need to be overcome for teachers and schools to implement the flipped class model in their schools.  In […]

SMART Technologies Reinvents Collaboration Landscape in ANZ with Shipment and Availability of SMART kapp® and kapp iQ™


SMART Technologies Inc. an innovator and leading global provider of collaboration solutions, has announced the availability of its SMART kapp® product family in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). Poised to deliver real transformation in the collaboration space, the company’s investment into the region is fuelled by soaring demands for remote working and distance learning here, and a rapidly growing […]

Using Plickers To Create Multiple Choice Questions In The Classroom


By Matthew Vines. Being able to receive instantaneous feedback on student understanding on a given topic is an essential part of formative assessment in the classroom. Often, teachers find themselves in the position of needing to survey their students’ understandings in a quick and efficient manner. Common practice in most classrooms is for teachers to […]

How Schools can reduce paper usage without data loss


      Check the heartbeat of your school or institution to identify ways you can: Optimise Document Management and Print Infrastructure to improve Process Efficiency, Consolidate Infrastructure and Reduce Costs. Many schools lose significant amounts of money and productivity each year just because their document management and printing processes aren’t optimised. Mike Dooner, Marketing […]


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