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Latest issue of Education Technology Magazine out now! Education Technology Solutions (ETS) magazine is Australia’s leading education technology publication. This is the official Education Technology Solutions magazine website and it features a selection of articles from the current and previous issues of the print magazine, along with some ‘web-only’ content. We trust that you will find this site a […]

Is your education institution excited about the possibilities of 3D printing but not quite sure how to embrace it?


As an educator, you’re already aware that students learn more effectively through practice and hands on experience – 3D printing offers a whole new approach to learning that will enhance students’ interaction with technology and introduce them to a world of experimentation and innovation in the classroom. Why should your education institution consider 3D printing […]

Communication – Be An Effective Communicator To The Key Stakeholders

By Brian Host. Children benefit academically when parents and educators work together, as a parent is a child’s first and most important teacher. Within the formal education system, parent involvement is most effective when viewed as a partnership between parents and educators. Parent involvement occurs when parents and educators participate in regular two-way and meaningful […]

Schools Cut Expenses in Projector Lamp Replacements


Projector lamps use very high performance, cutting edge technology, finely engineered to operate at extreme temperature and pressure levels. When you know that, you don’t want to take any risks on quality! Diamond Lamps take the Original Manufacturer bulbs and build them in to their own high quality cages to make lamp modules. By having […]



Brett Salakas. Using technology to Connect Humanity’ One of the real benefits of using technology is that it allows teachers and students to unlock humanity. Issues, cultures and histories from over the horizon can be brought alive in the classroom. Building the humanistic connections allows for deeper empathy and encourages more serious thought, research and […]

5 Minutes with Jennifer Gough from WordFlyers


When it comes to gamification, how do you strike the balance between learning and the playing? Teachers are understandably concerned about finding the right balance between learning and playing when they determine which apps and websites they are going to use with their classes. They want to know what kinds of learning outcomes the whole […]

Digital Technology And Student Learning: The Impact Of The Ecology – Part 1


By Mal Lee. There is no significant linear connection between the use of digital technologies and enhanced student attainment. The traditional, simplistic way of looking at the impact of digital technology on student learning has to fundamentally change. All associated with schools need to understand that the impact of digital technology on student learning can […]

ETS vNews Episode 2


In this episode of ETS vNews, we discover a brand new way for schools to buy IT online, we reveal the latest big news from Technology Core about an awesome new ‘collaboration in a box’ solution, plus we catch up with Blake Seufert from McKinnon Secondary College about his feature article on Chromebook rollouts in education!  

School Is No Place For White Elephants


By Pia Argiratos. For educators, choosing mobile technology such as iPads and the accessories around them can be tricky. The benefits of technology are an educator’s specialty – enhanced learning, and new scope for engaging students and multiplying their learning – while the technology overall is often not a school’s strongest skill set. Helping schools […]



 Brett Salakas October 22, 2015 Blog 26   This is an ‘open letter’ written on behalf of the teachers involved in the #aussieED PLN. It is a request to understand your vision for the future of education in Australia. So often education is politicised. This letter is an attempt to steer away from the murky […]


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