Welcome to Education Technology Solutions


Latest issue of Education Technology Magazine out now! Education Technology Solutions (ETS) magazine is Australia’s leading education technology publication. This is the official Education Technology Solutions magazine website and it features a selection of articles from the current and previous issues of the print magazine, along with some ‘web-only’ content. We trust that you will find this site a […]

The six essentials that can make or break BYOD in schools


Australian students are ready for the digital learning revolution – but are you ready to support them? As BYOD – bring your own device – becomes the new normal in education, one-to-one technology is transforming teaching and learning. Yet many schools are still to embark on the BYOD path. Why? Because as the first generation […]

Keeping Your Focus


By John Bigelow. Moving from a standard video camera, whether it be a handy cam or a semi pro video camera, to a DLSR involves a number of challenges. For people who are used to shooting with a video camera, a DSLR adds a variety of options that they perhaps had not given much thought […]

New Look ABC Splash!


Drumroll please! The new-look Splash website is up and running. ABC Splash have asked for your feedback on the site last year through surveys and focus groups on how to make Splash even better for teachers, students and parents. So many of you have sent through ideas and suggestions, and they’ve taken them on board […]

CCTV In Schools


By Brett McCall. In an increasingly uncertain world, there is one thing over the past decade that has shown no signs of wavering within the education sector – proliferation of CCTV systems! Schools are under increasing pressure every day on a wide variety of issues, including teacher standards, facilities, amenities and infrastructure, class sizes, theft, […]

The Promise And Possibilities Of Music, Digital Media And A National Broadband Network.


By Steve Dillon. In this article I would like to examine the promise and possibilities of music, digital media and a National Broadband Network. I will do this based on concepts that have emerged from studies undertaken by Professor Andrew Brown and technologies that I categories as either representational technologies or technologies with agency (Brown […]

The Internet Is The Best Tool For Professional Development


By Steven Gillis. The internet has changed the way in which professional development (PD) for teachers can and should be delivered. Internet technologies allow for PD to be delivered anywhere and anytime, as long as one has a functioning computer and an internet connection. The Problem with PD The problem with traditional PD is that […]

The Challenge Of High School Digital Normalisation


By Mal Lee. Research strongly suggests that high schools, in general, will evolve and move to the Digital Normalisation stage and beyond slower than primary schools. The size, organisational structure, culture, the focus on the subject, the limited collaboration with the students’ homes, and the extensive use of paper-based external tests, seemingly makes it harder […]

Rethinking The Education Business Model


By Jamie Dorrington. Many readers will be familiar with the work of Clayton Christensen and his collaborators regarding disruptive innovations. As a principal responsible for setting the strategic direction of my school, I appreciate their focus on the impact of digital technology on education. Their work has certainly caused me to think about the forces […]

Is 6 Years Old Too Young For Take Home Tech?


By Christine Haynes. With wellbeing concerns about ergonomics, cybersafety and excessive screen time on the mind of parents, is take home technology appropriate for our youngest primary school students? Why personal and take home? As Nicholas Negroponte, Founder of the One Laptop Per Child program once said, “When the child owns the device, they own […]


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