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Latest issue of Education Technology Magazine out now! Education Technology Solutions (ETS) magazine is Australia’s leading education technology publication. This is the official Education Technology Solutions magazine website and it features a selection of articles from the current and previous issues of the print magazine, along with some ‘web-only’ content. We trust that you will find this site a […]

Primary Kids on Track to Reaching Target of 10 Million Minutes of Literacy Development


LiteracyPlanet Word Mania 2015 is a competition and an initiative of LiteracyPlanet, an Australian developed and made online education resource for children 4-15yrs (preK-9+). LiteracyPlanet is a gamified online learning environment to support the comprehensive development of literacy skills. Used in schools and at home: http://www.literacyplanet.com.au Word Mania is a word building game, so it involves various literacy skills, […]

Blending Instruction and Coaching – Made Easy!


Education Technology Solutions Magazine will be giving away a shiny new Swivl to one very lucky educator at Leading a Digital School this year – Just drop in to say hello! If you haven’t seen one in action yet, Swivl is a complete platform that enables anyone to use video for instruction. It’s also a fantastic online solution for reflection and observational […]

How the Internet of Things will transform Education


The Internet of Things (IoT) is on the horizon. With its data-gathering ability comes greater intelligence that will revolutionise the way we live. With estimated wide-scale adoption only five years away, and the pervasive spread of mobile devices from smartphones to tablets, and increasingly portable computers within student populations, IoT technologies will be able to […]

Professional Learning For School Leaders In A Digital World


By Madeleine Regan. In an interview in February 2015, Michael Fullan, international consultant on educational reform and the role of school leaders, referred to the ‘pull’ factor of the excitement of technology and new pedagogy in schools. He sees a dynamic future with school leaders shaping the focus, with technology making the links between schools, […]

Develop a Personal Learning Network To Inspire Lifelong Learning!


By Bev Novak. Encouraging teachers to become lifelong learners should be the aim of each school’s professional learning program. Learning success inspires a sense of achievement, self-satisfaction, increased confidence and motivates continued learning, leaving teachers feeling empowered to set their own agenda and pursue knowledge just for the sake of it. To motivate this kind […]

Modern Learning Environments – The Underlying Philosophy To Success


By Karen Tui Boyes. Modern Learning Environments (MLE) are all the talk in educational circles right now. Schools around the world are knocking out walls and creating bright, stimulating classrooms with multi-purpose furniture and giving students access to technology. On the surface it looks fantastic, however, without a big pedagogy shift, students will simply be […]

Killing The Paper Shuffle In School Activities And Excursions


By Gerald Gierer. If your school is looking to streamline processes, ultimately what you will be looking to gain are new levels of efficiency. In essence, this would mean fewer interactions and follow-ups are required and things like double entry of data can be eliminated, which means you can get on with your job faster […]

Announcing MoodleCloud by Moodle


Quick Snapshot of MoodleCloud MoodleCloud is a new hosting solution offered directly from the makers of Moodle, allowing anyone to get a free Moodle site in seconds. Ideal for individual classrooms and other limited learning environments, MoodleCloud includes the latest version of Moodle’s award-winning education technology software in addition to selected integration with other software. […]

Technology For Teaching And Learning Outside


By Shelley Kinash, Ron Kordyban and Sarah Long. There are many reasons for teaching outside. For example, fresh air and sunshine have proven health benefits. Outdoor learning spaces tend to be natural and can be aesthetically pleasing in that there are numerous shades and varieties of colours and textures. Outdoor spaces and places are usually […]

Transforming Learning with Technology


Education Consultant, Hobsons, is excited to announce its next round of K–12 educational research. After the success of Hobsons’ previous research on student decision-making and parent expectations, the team now wants to hear from Australian educators. Hobsons recently ran a workshop with a number of school leaders to investigate the many challenges facing schools. The […]


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